European Cyclodextrin Society

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Web LinksRecommended readings in all areas of cyclodextrins
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1   Link   OpenCDLig
An open source web-based application of binding data and 3D structures of cyclodextrin complexes.
a meeting point for researchers with different backgrounds who can use the CDLig Wiki site for their discussions
2   Link   Cyclodextrin Database
The CYCLODEXTRIN DATABASE is a web-based searchable resource on cyclodextrins. The Cyclodextrin database
with more than 700.000 entries contains well structured information on publications on cyclodextrins as well as
structural and biochemical data on cyclodextrins and guest molecules
3   Link   Water Structure and Science
Introduktion to cyclodextrins and other related topics
4   Link   Cyclodetrins in Wikipedia
Introduction to cyclodextrins.
5   Link   Science in the Box on cyclodextrins
Introduction to cyclodextrins.
6   Link   PD Dr. Stefan Immel
The link contain a selection of chemistry related computer graphics including cyclodextrins (animations, movies, and images) that were generated using the MolArch+ and MOLCAD molecular modeling program